With the increasing focus on problem solving in the new GCSE, I had struggled to find good quality problem solving resources quickly in order to help me use them in my teaching. I feel that having links to problem solving resources by topic will be hugely beneficial for me, and I hope that this site will become increasingly useful to teachers as I add extra content. The site has been updated in 2021 to improve the quality and quantity of resources, as well as adding difficulty ratings to NRICH tasks and notes next to the links, for example if the problem requires a partner. I hope that you find these updates useful.

Several years ago I worked as a Problem Solving Ambassador for Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub, and through this role I shared resources and ideas with teachers in my local area. You will find some of their resources for teaching problem solving in the Pedagogy area of the site.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for resources, please contact me on Twitter at @LeanneShawMaths.

Thank you to everyone who shares and produces fantastic, free, maths teaching resources.

5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Just discovered your site via MathsJem on twitter. Just wanted to say, big thanks for all the time and effort you have saved me and my staff.

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  2. Leanne, this is fantastic – thank you – you know who will be using this from now on!! Let’s get another mathematical whizz in the family!! Well Done, proud of you.

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  3. What a great initiative. What an excellent collection. The general section is brilliant – especially the nrich curriculum mapping link..
    Yorkshire Ridings are lucky!
    Colin P

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